J. Edward Taylor

Adjunct Consultant

J. Edward Taylor is a professor at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis, since 1996- (Joined Department as Assistant Professor in 1987).

His teaching and research are in the areas of Economic Development, Population and Resources; Labor Economics; Economy-wide Modeling; and Applied Micro-Econometrics. He teaches the Ph.D. field course "Agriculture in Economic Development" emphasizing household, village, and economy-wide modeling. At the undergraduate level, he teaches microeconomic theory, development economics and econometrics.

His research is concentrated in population, microeconomic development, and farm labor. The core of his work in microeconomic development has been the application of household-farm modeling techniques to the study of a range of economic problems in less developed countries, including internal and international migration, the adoption of new agricultural technologies, preservation of biodiversity, and nutrient demand.

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