Anubhab Gupta


Anubhab Gupta is a PhD candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) at the University of California (UC), Davis..

Before starting the PhD program at Davis, he obtained a master’s degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and one in Applied Economics at the University of Arizona. Gupta’s research interests are on economy-wide impacts of development and agricultural programs with focus on structures and supply management in agricultural markets. He has conducted fieldwork in India, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Gupta’s research have been published in academic journals like PNAS, World Development, Economic Letters and European Review of Agricultural Economics, and appeared in media outlets such as the BBC, Harvard Business Review, the Independent, and Public Finance International among others. He has consulted for United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization and World Food Programme, Tanzania Gatsby Trust and International Water Management Institute.

Gupta is a recipient of several research awards and fellowships, and received the UC Davis Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching award of 2017-18. His website is:

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