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Integrated Demand Analysis Platform (IDAP)

Area: Global
When: 2019 - present

This work seeks to support the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to better understand household and local economy impacts of social safety nets through provision of aid in the form of in-kind or cash-based. In this report we document the development of a platform, the Integrated Demand Analysis Platform (IDAP) that would serve both as an ex-ante decision making tool, a monitoring system for improved program design, and an ex-post local economy impact assessment tool. IDAP measures impacts at the micro household level and on the wider local economy. IDAP analyzes at the micro household level how people use their assistance, to what extent their food security is improved, and other household welfare parameters. At the local economy level, and for informing local governments and partner agencies, IDAP guides the ideal assistance level/transfer value is to offset potential negative shocks, and how and to what extent the local economy is impacted through economic spillovers of cash and food aid to non- beneficiary households, overall productive activities, and the labor market. This report lays out the fundamentals of the three components, which combine to form the current version of IDAP.

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