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General equilibrium models for an assessment of complementarity and synergies between the PROSOLI and PRORURAL programmes in rural areas

Area: Dominican Republic, America
When: 2019 - present

In close collaboration with FAO, the service provider will conduct a study on the impact of PROSOLI and PRORURAL, with a specific focus on synergies/complementarities between the social protection and development components of livelihoods, at the individual, household and local economy levels. To quantify not only the direct effects of the two treatments, but also the more general impacts on the community, the information collected can be analyzed using a local economy-wide impact evaluation (LEWIE). The LEWIE methodology is designed to identify and examine the total impact of development programs on local economies. It includes the study of the effects on productive activities of both the beneficiary group and the group of non-beneficiaries. The results of interest for this study are not limited to individuals and households treated by PROSOLI and/or PRORURAL. It is also considered important to analyze the indirect effects on those who cannot access the support granted by such programmes, but may be indirectly affected, through interactions in local markets (labor, goods and services)

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